On the off chance that you adore storm photography, at that point, this is the ideal visit for you! The Monsoon in the U.S. Desert Southwest ordinarily begins in mid-July and keep going for a little while. Storm tempests are fueled by extreme surface based warming and make a portion of the best lightning serious rainstorms on the planet. Arizona rainstorm tempests are ideal for lightning photography and set to an excellent desert scene. On days when no rainstorm movement happens, we’ll investigate the southern Arizona desert and hunt out desert vegetation and untamed life, and in addition hold uncommon classes on storm photography.

On a commonplace day amid the Arizona monsoon…thunderstorms grow first in the early evening over the higher mountains and the Mogollon Rim. Rain cooled air from these tempests, known as surge, moves down from the high nation and into the deserts. Acting like a little scale chilly front, this surge causes the hot and clammy desert air to rise, creating tempests. A standout amongst the most positive circumstances for a huge scale tempest episode in Phoenix is when surge limits come closer from the Mogollon Rim and southeast Arizona at the same time. Over the higher deserts, storms, for the most part, happen amid the mid and late evening, while movement is most common over the lower deserts amid the late evening and night. On most days, rainstorm action closes by and large by around Midnight or 1:00 AM.